The Ullman Dream Group at Saybrook Graduate School

by Stanley Krippner
Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School

Saybrook Graduate School held its twice-a-year meeting in January 2009. Every morning, I hold an Ullman dream group with volunteer students in a separate breakfast room. We have time to work with one dream, and so the volunteers sign up in advance. They type out their dream reports, make copies, and distribute them to group members so that everyone can follow along while the dreamer reads the dream aloud. Then the group goes through the various steps of the Ullman process; sometimes I facilitate the ground and sometimes a student who has studied with Monte does the facilitation.

January was our first meeting since Monte's passing, and so we approached the task with a great deal of nostalgia. Over the years, some two dozen Saybrook students made the trek to Ardsley to spend a weekend with Monte, learning his process first-hand. Monte told me that "every one of the students, without exception, brought something special to the group." I told the students this, and they were overjoyed.

Many students have used the Ullman process in their private practice, in their therapy groups, in hospitals, in residential treatment centers, or in homes for seniors. They have been delighted with the results. I relayed their comments back to Monte, from time to time, and he was delighted to hear about the many and varied applications of the process that he had initiated.

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Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School