Memories About Montague Ullman

by Rosa Anwandter
Director, Centro de Estudios Oniricos de Chile


I met Dr Montague Ullman during my first IASD Conference in Washington DC in 2000. It has been a privilege to meet such an extraordinary human being.

I had read some of his work, before meeting him, especially a "Research Dream Studies, Telepathy, and Experimental Approach" done with Stanley Krippner at Maimonides Hospital in New York.

On that opportunity, I signed up for one of Monte's workshops and additionally I attended a panel with him. It was great experience learning about Monte's Group Process!

I watched how he began to form the group. He started asking for volunteers from a large audience, formed by a group of twelve people, whom he asked them to sit in a circle, and in that way he began working his method "Dream Sharing Group" The .participants step by step, began to get involved in the dream of the volunteer. I was astonished to see how with those simple steps, the individual was getting straight to the direction of the dream message.

After the Workshop, I went to a IASD social gathering and Monte saw my name on the tag, he smiled and said: "Oh, you come from South America,, you really must enjoy dreaming to travel that far". I told him about my dream work in Chile, and he said he was going to send me a publication.

What impressed me the most about him was his wisdom and generosity. Besides, he was a very humble person.

At the end of the Workshop, Wendy Pannier asked for my address and some weeks later, I received his "Bulletin Dream Appreciation Volume 5, No 1 Winter 2000."

The title was "Dreams as Extraordinary Human Experiences". The publication came to add another point of view onto my dream work. I remember feeling like a happy child, learning this marvellous approach!!

Therefore, I am grateful to Monte for sending me graciously "Dream Appreciation Bulletin" during several years, until its last issue.

Currently, I have a Montague Ullman Dream Sharing Group" in Santiago/Chile. We are a small group and every week we met at home to tell our dreams.

Actually, when I listen: "In my Dream", continue feeling as a "midwife" as Monte, used to say. That happens to me, every time dreamers find the interpretation of their dreams by themselves.

My gratitude to Monte will last forever, since he allowed me to learn more about human nature through Dream- Group Sharing.

Rosa Anwandter (ranwandter[at]

Rosa Anwandter is a Jungian dream analyst, writer, and lecturer. She is director of the Centro de Estudios Oniricos de Chile