Facilitating Ullman's Dream Appreciation Process by E-mail or Skype Chat

by Richard West

What I do to facilitate Ullman's Dream Appreciation Process (most often by email or skype chat):

1. Ask the person to write down the dream in full detail (without analysis)

2. With that reply, I ask any questions I have of clarity and ask them about their feelings during the dream

3. With that reply, I share with them my feelings if the dream had been mine, then metaphor possibilities (reminding them that I can't know what their dream is trying to tell them that they need to know). I also attempt to keep aside any orchestration intuitions at this point about the dream's possible meaning, just share my intuitions about what metaphors might be present and their possible meanings. With that, I ask for the Dream's response, anything they want to write about the dream and its meaning for them.

4. When I receive their response, I ask any other questions in arenas the Dreamer has opened up and ask the context questions... Any intention for the dream, what they were thinking or worrying over when they went to bed the night before, what is going on in their life for which the dream might be a response, as much as I think the Dreamer will honor.

5. The playback is the next step if the dreamer is on site, or if I'm skyping back and forth, I can possibly do the playback, reading the dream myself in parts and waiting for a response after each part. In an email exchange, this step does not seem practical, so I go ahead to the orchestration in which I share as best I can what I imagine the dream might be telling them

6. The Dreamer's Last Word.

7. Sometimes I have some response or question; usually I just wait for a week or two to find out if the Dreamer has more to say.

Note 1: I attach the dream in its entirity every time I send new information. I use different color print and ask the Dreamer to use different color yet so there is no question whose words I am reading (although this is almost always very clear, especially if the dream exchanges take place within a short time).

Note 2: If I'm doing a face to face dream appreciation session, I just do the regular Ullman process, but play the role of all the others.


Richard West (Skpe: rwestica, e-mail: rwestica[at]ms69.hinet.net)

Richard West is with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Taiwan, 3F, # 12, Lane 5, Tien Mou West Road, Taipei, Taiwan 111