Photos of Montague Ullman's Home in Ardsley, NY




"Monte's Tree House": Back quite a few years before we met him, Montague Ullman happened to come into contact with a group of architects who bought a forested mountain on Orlando Avenue in Ardsley, NY, divided it into plots, and built upon it. Somehow he got in with them and ended up living in this paradise just a short train ride from New York City. It was always such a rare joy over the years to take the Hudson River Line up to the Dobbs Ferry station where he would be waiting in his car to drive us to his home for coffee and raisin bread toast before the dream group leadership training. Frances Linderman, a poet who came to the Saturday groups once called it "Monte's Tree House."

Montague Ullman's Ardsley, NY home


"The Gateway to Dreams": For a whole generation this doorway served as a gateway to dreams. the front door to Monte's house serves as an apt metaphor for the experiential dream group process he developed which was the gateway to our dreams.

The front door to Montague Ullman's home in Ardsley, NY


"A Place for Those Who Dream": To this room dreamers came from all over America and the world.

Montague Ullman's Living Room in Ardsley, NY


"A Writer's Paradise": Montague Ullman didn't just write here, in his private office. He liked to sit in the beautiful atrium of the Citicorp Building in New York City and wrote many of his articles there, presumably whe Janet, his wife was off in Bloomingdales shopping..

Montague Ullman's private office


His private desk: This is a rare glimpse at his private desk.

Montague Ullman's desk


"Getting old": "The trouble with getting old," he once told me, "is that your friends all die." His books, though, never left him and towards the end the armchairs in the living room were used for them. One of the most beautiful stories he told was how he and Janet separated after dating a while. When they got together again and married they compared the list of books each had read in the time they had been apart. His list and hers were exactly the same.

A love for books


Monte's chair: This was his chair. This was his role. no one can take his place..

Montague Ullman in his chair just before the start of a dream group


The dream group: This is where it all happened.

Montague Ullman's dream group


The couch: This is the other side of the dream group.

The other side of the dream group in Montague Ullman's Ardsley, NY home


At the dream group: This man was a friend of dreams, a great man.

In the dream group he was in his elment